Apigee Enters New Geography and Emphasizes Mobile API Strategy

Apigee, self proclaimed "The API Company", has expanded into the Australian/New Zealand markets and reasserted its focus on mobile focused APIs. Apigee CEO, Chet Kapoor, estimates that the mobile market is currently increasing its influence over the enterprise at a rate 10x faster than the web did around a decade ago. At the heart of success in this mobile economy lies APIs.

Kapoor commented:

“This market is moving far faster than anything I have seen ever before. You look at client server and Web technologies, the adoption was staggered. Mobile just seems to be hitting us almost at the same time globally....Mobile changes everything in this new world, apps are the core construct. Data is the currency. APIs bring apps and data together."

Since 2005, Apigee has brought more and more attention to APIs, starting with a free API management Platform. Today it continues to offer management services, as well as monetization, gateway, channel services, and more. Apigee has signed some of the world's largest enterprises as customers, and Kappor believes continued concentration on a mobile app API strategy will continue this success. Such thinking brought Apigee to its new region, and Kappor expanded:

“Three years from now I think that every aspect of enterprise will be wrapped in an API layer. People will be using phrases such as ‘contextual analytics’. That’s basically predictive analytics, applied contextually. This will be key in determining where your customer is going to go next.”

Apigee and its fellow API evangelic companies have enjoyed much success in their short lifetimes. From acquisitions by massive IT companies, to round upon round of new funding, many have seen the light that APIs represent in the future of the mobile world. Apigee's latest move and concentration on mobility reemphasizes its belief that the API serves as the glue that holds our mobile world together.

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