Apigee Initiates Global API Challenge

As a lead-up to Apigee’s I Love APIs Conference, Apigee has launched a Global API Challenge. The challenge is set up to test contestants’ API knowledge through a two-level process. Of the contestants who successfully complete both levels, five will be selected to battle it out, live, at the conference in September.


Both levels consist of 10 questions. Level one starts with a basic question: “What does API stand for?” While the level-one questions do get harder than the first, eight of 10 questions will get a contestant to level two. Level two starts to separate the wheat from the chaff. Additionally, all 10 level-two questions must be answered correctly to pass. Apigee realizes contestants have the World Wide Web at their fingertips while test taking. The team is keen to point out, however, that those who make it to the finals in September won’t have web access.

Each of the five finalists will enjoy a conference pass, airfare and hotel accommodations to accompany their onstage battle with fellow finalists. Those interested can start the test immediately as it is live on the Global API Challenge website. However, heed Apigee’s advice and Google at your own risk. There is no hiding behind a computer if you make it to the live challenge in San Francisco.

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