apilayer’s mediastack Offers Real-Time News Data via API

apilayer, a provider of APIs and SaaS applications for developers, has launched a new product called mediastackTrack this API that provides API access to news data that can be integrated into live news feeds, data analytics platforms, and trend analysis applications. The Platform aims for affordability and includes a free option, as well as paid options that provide real-time data access and increased bandwidth. 

mediastack sources news content every minute from an aggregate of over 7,500 news sources and blogs across the world. The API then provides this data to developers via JSON, with the documentation noting that “The API comes with a single news HTTP GET Endpoint along with a series of parameters and options you can use to narrow down your news data results. Among other options, you can filter by dates and timeframes, countries, languages, sources, and search keywords.”

ProgrammableWeb reached out to Paul Zehetmayr, apilayer’s CEO, to discuss the motivation for the company to expand mediastack, a Resource that began as an internal sports news aggregation Feed, into a standalone product. Zehetmayr noted that:

“Essentially, we have felt that the market lacks an easy-to-use and affordable solution for real-time news data. We wanted to build a simple and JSON-based REST API that delivers news data from a large number of sources, but all standardized, lightweight, and without too much fuss. Integrations take only a few minutes and you're good to go. This will be interesting to anybody who #1 wants to display live news feeds on websites or apps, #2 is looking to analyze news articles both live and historically, etc.”

In regards to affordability, the API launches with the inclusion of a free option that is limited to 500 calls per month, and the news feed is delayed by 15 minutes. Beyond that, the company is providing paid tiers that range from $24.99 to $249.99 per month and up to 250,000 calls per month. Additionally, all paid tiers include real-time access to news data and HTTPS Encryption, access to historical data, and technical support.

The onboarding process for developers seems aimed at simplicity with mediastack providing developers with a 3-step quick-start guide. Additionally, the documentation includes code samples for PHP, Python, Nodejs, JQuery, Go, and Ruby. 

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