APImetrics Adds Support for SOAP APIs

APImetrics, a leading API performance management and monitoring solution provider, has just announced the addition of SOAP support to the APImetrics Platform making it possible for enterprises to monitor and test the performance of SOAP APIs.

In addition to SOAP support, APImetrics has recently added new widget based, analytics-driven dashboards, multi-region testing, and is in the process of rolling out networks for cloud service-based API performance monitoring capabilities. SOAP support is just the latest in a series of new features the company plans on adding to the APImetrics platform. These new features allow the company to provide enterprises a solution that can can cover real-world API scenarios and monitor the performance of APIs on an end-to-end basis.


Image Credit: APImetrics

We reached out to David O'Neill, CEO and co-founder of APImetrics, who explained to ProgrammableWeb about the new SOAP support feature and other new features the company plans on adding in the near future.

O'Neill explained to ProgrammableWeb that a lot of their enterprise customers were requesting the ability to monitor and test SOAP APIs. He explained that certain industries in particular like travel, retail, and carrier, are using legacy systems with SOAP APIs on the back end. In addition, many enterprises use API gateways where APIs running the back end are using SOAP protocols but customer facing APIs are using REST. Many enterprises use API gateways so that developers are able to integrate applications with Back-end services. These companies need a hybrid solution that can test APIs from end to end regardless of whether the APIs are using SOAP or REST protocols.

O'Neill said that the company has added more types of charts and graphs, has added more alerts, and historical data is now easier to access and view. In addition, more analysis options are available for historical data which can be visualized on the dashboards. APImetrics is also working on adding new types of visualizations for the widget based dashboards, particularly visuapializations for sequences of API calls.

Another new feature the company is working on implementing is cloud service-based API performance monitoring. The company is in the process of rolling out networks which allow the platform to do performance monitoring based on the cloud services the APIs are running on. At the time of this writing, there are three major cloud services that can be used for testing; AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Another feature coming soon is the ability to create tests from Documentation such as Swagger, RAML and API Blueprint. In the near future SOAP calls will be able to be imported from WSDL definitions.

One of the really interesting improvements that the company is planning to implement in the future is building Machine Learning around API monitoring. O'Neill explained that the company now has over 25 million records of API tests and utilizing machine learning would allow predictive analytics capabilities to be added to the platform.

ProgrammableWeb asked O'Neill how he sees the future of SOAP APIs. He said that while general developers favor REST APIs and very few, if any, choose SOAP APIs for their web and mobile applications, many enterprises are still using SOAP. He said that a lot of enterprises are very reluctant to switch from SOAP APIs to REST, and will most likely continue to use legacy systems powered by SOAP APIs for many years to come.

"As we wanted to provide the definitive enterprise focused API Monitoring Solution, we realized we had to be able to handle the protocols that enterprises use and continue to use in their backend systems. This made supporting SOAP essential." Said O'Neill. "SOAP and REST support combined with the ability to run tests from the public web and inside the corporate firewall will, for the first time, give organizations the ability to fully understand the performance and functionality of all parts of their solutions."

To learn more about the APImetrics intelligent API performance monitoring solution, visit APImetrics.io

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