APImetrics Introduces API.expert for Real-Time API Performance Rankings

APImetrics, an API monitoring service provider, has announced API.expert. The new service gives developers insight into performance and availability data for leading APIs. Presented as a dashboard, with quantitative metrics, the data is available without any configuration needed.

"As API-based services become an integral part of the IT economy, it's essential for developers to have real, actionable intelligence on how those APIs perform," David O'Neill, APImetrics CEO, commented in a press release. "Until now it has been difficult to choose one API over another or understand in real terms what impact your hosting or architecture choices might make."

Data available through API.expert covers the internet's top brands, in real-time. APImetrics uses its Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) scoring system to score APIs and rank accordingly. Even though APIs may be working, API.expert will enable developers and administrators to zero in on performance metrics that truly matter to their product and business.

At launch, the service is free and includes weekly data from leading API providers. Early this year, the company expects to launch a fee-based option which will include historical and trend data for each API covered. Check out API.expert to learn more.

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