APImetrics Now Features Regional API Performance Testing, Automated API Sample Code

APImetrics, an API testing and performance analytics services provider, has announced the addition of two new features to the APImetrics Platform; regional API Performance Testing and automated API Sample Code calls. The regional API performance testing feature makes it possible to test API calls from different regional test nodes. The automated API sample code calls feature allows code to be generated directly from a working API call. Last year, ProgrammableWeb reported the launch of the APImetrics API Performance Test Solution which is an end-to-end API testing and monitoring service that uses complex, authenticated API calls to test an API's functionality and speed of response.

Instagram regional test report latency graph shows interesting offset spikes

The regional API performance testing feature was added to the APImetrics platform so that users would be able to have a better idea of how an API performs when apps are running in different locations. This feature also makes it possible for users to see the impact that data center access can have on their apps and services. APImetrics CEO and Founder David OíNeill told ProgrammableWeb that:

"One of the persistent questions we are asked is how API performance varies from region to region. What we're seeing is that in addition to the delays youíd expect from internet travel time, you can expect different regional performance variances too."

At the time of this writing, the platform supports regions such as US East Coast, US West Coast, Europe, Asia, Japan, and South America. Additional targeting options will be added in the near future. David OíNeill told ProgrammableWeb that:

"What we're working on next is the ability to run different types of server to server tests to see if there are issues in making calls from different cloud technologies such as Google App Engine to AWS or Azure and so on. There's a lot of factors to consider not just in how you design your apps to handle APIs, but how you deal with the very real performance issues your users will experience."

The automated API sample code calls feature allows users to see reference code for API calls currently being tested by the APImetrics platform. Programming languages supported include iOs Objective C, Android, Windows Phone/C#, PHP, and Python.

For more information about the APImetrics platform, visit the official website.

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