APIs Could Change the Affiliate Network Landscape

APIs are versatile things, used in many diverse industries. And according to Elad Natanson’s article for PerformanceIN, APIs are about to change the landscape of affiliate networks for mobile marketers by giving publishers more power and more freedom, and by automating the processes currently performed by sales reps and account managers.

APIs have removed the need for the slightly dated model of back-and-forth correspondence with an account manager to decide on the best offers to feature in your app or on your website, followed by more correspondence for confirmation of actions. By harnessing the power of APIs, you are automatically served the highest-paying offers, optimised programmatically, with the freedom to create your own design and ad structure by pulling data from the API. This frees up the account manager to source new affiliates while the API does the work.

APIs can also vastly speed up the process of optimising offers for maximum impact, once these new affiliate networks have been secured. There is no more need for constant trial-and-error to learn which offers work best for which publisher, since APIs can continuously monitor eCPM (Effective Cost per Mille (1,000)) and re-optimise affiliates accordingly to ensure maximum performance.

With the power and efficiency of APIs, and the constant improvements in capabilities, we could surely be seeing the end of the traditional affiliate network model.

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