APIs Prove Wine is Better Than Beer

As more of a beer lover than wine connoisseur, it pains me to say it: in the API world, wine has beer beat. Our directory lists 9 wine APIs, but only 5 beer APIs. However, there are noticeable differences in the type of data made available by these APIs.

Wine APIs tend to be centered around cataloging wine, or finding it to purchase online. Beer APIs are more heavily oriented toward the places that serve or brew the beers. There are also a couple databases of beers, similar to wine cataloging.

Here's the current list of nine wine APIs:

  Adegga API: Social Wine Discovery service

  AVIN API: Wine tracking number repository

  Cruvee Partner Link API: Wine database update system

  Cruvee Social API: Social media search for wine industry

  Cruvee Wine Search API: Wine industry search service

  ShipCompliant Marketplace API: Wine shipping information service

  Snooth API: Wine recommendations service

  Wine-Searcher API: Wine search service

  Wine.com API: Wine reference and resources

And the five beer APIs:

  Beer Mapping API: Brewery data and mapping services

  Brewery DB API: Open Library of breweries and beers

  Inapub API: Pub search tool

  RateBeer API: beer database and rating tool

  Untappd API: Social beer discovery app

Beer does have wine beat on being first to market. We added the Beer Mapping API in 2008 as the first beer API. It was almost a year before the launch of the wine recommendation service's Snooth API.

Photo by Duncan Hull

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