APIs Take Root in the Medical Marijuana Industry

We are seeing APIs appear in just about every industry this year, from finance to green tech to health care. One industry that clearly seen the value of APIs is the U.S. medical marijuana industry, recognizing thatAPIs can provide the seeds for entirely new strains of business models and applications to grow (pun intended). As more states are legalizing medical marijuana, there has been a subsequent wave of APIs being launched to support the industry and developers who are working to build apps for both patients and growers.

Two of the APIs for growers include:

  • SeedFinderSeedfinder API - A RESTFUL API providing an interface for marijuana seed related content from SeedFinder, providing breeder, strains and discussions in a JSON format.
  • LeaflyLeafly API - Leafly is a RESTful API of cannabis strains, reviews and other information, delivered under the Creative Commons Attribution License to non-commercial users, with responses in JSON.

APIs that are aimed at medical marijuana patients and that can be utilized to build apps helping them find the nearest dispensaries include:

The industry is not just fertile ground for medical marijuana growers, but also for technology folks to deliver APIs, web and mobile applications that help medical marijuana patients find their medicine, growers and dispensaries manage their operations and meet regulatory requirements, and the government and law enforcement to keep track of this fast growing industry.

Photo credit: WorldWide Hippies

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