APIs of the Week: BeansBooks, TipTap Lab and Nomisma APIs

As yet another week comes to a close, a touching week as we honor those who have fallen, we take a look back at some of the APIs that caught our attention. This week their were 43 new APIs added to our directory and our team of content editors picked the ones that stood out. Read below for more information on each.

My choice for this week's API is the BeansBooks API. The service offers cloud-based accounting services for small to medium sized businesses, and the API allows users to crowd-source information so that data from multiple aspects of the business can be directed into the accounting system. I think this is a unique service, and having an entirely cloud based accounting systems should help young business avoid the costly and time consuming accounting process. - Charlie

More at our BeansBooks profile.

TipTap LabThe TipTap Lab API provides access to psychological profiling tools. One cool thing about these tools is that they don’t require tracking behavior and collect abstract information, minimizing any possible privacy violations. This API could be used in applications across the spectrum, whether retail, political, or almost anything else. - Patrick

More at our TipTap Lab profile.

NomismaThe Nomisma API caught my attention this week for its esoteric nature. A Resource dedicated to the study of coins and currency, the Nomisma project aims to provide stable digital representations of numismatic concepts. Nosmisma offers a number of REST APIs including Average Axis, Average Diameter and Average Weight. - Holly

More at our TipTap Lab profile.

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