APIs of the Week: Staff Picks AppURL, FlixFit and Public Library of Science

As another week comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the APIs that caught our attention. This week there were 43 APIs added to our directory this week and our team picked the ones that stood out. Read below for more information on each.


"AppURL is a free, open service that connects applications to the web using HTTP URLs. This allows for new, and needed, functionality for application developers, such as cross- Platform linking, ability for applications to appear in search engine results, and helping other developers understand how to link successfully to the application. The API is very simple, which allows developers to link their app to the web and post JSON files to URLs." - Melody

More at our AppURL profile.


"Capable of creating 3D images of the human body from simple photographs, this is a technology with lots of potential. Although it was originally designed to determine clothing sizes for online shopping, this API has many possible uses in the fields of fitness, medicine, and probably a slew of others." - Rhea

More at our FlixFit profile.

PLOS Article-Level Metrics

"The new Public Library of Science (PLOS) API provides developers with unusually rich access to their collection’s usage metrics. The API delivers metadata from a varied assortment of outside sources, including social networks, scientific journals, and article databases. This is the kind of API that is as applicable to research applications as it is to social ones." - Patrick

More at our PLOS Article Level Metrics profile.

CoinJar Checkout

"This week I thought the CoinJar APIs were the best APIs that I saw. It's one company providing full service crypto-currency trading as well as facilitating the Integration of payment systems into merchant websites. I'm excited for the spread of crypto-currencies across the web and CoinJar offering a multifaceted API system for both buyer and seller should help to bring the movement more mainstream." - Charlie

More at our Coinjar Checkout profile.

Paytrail Connect

"I choose Paytrail as my API pick this week because of the visual elements included in their API Documentation. The API documentation for this online payment service includes a hot pink hand-drawn chart outlining how the API works, as well as sequence diagrams featuring a stick man that describe the process of using the Paytrail Connect API. These visual touches add a fun twist to deciphering documentation." - Holly

More at our Paytrail Connect profile.

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