APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Bonanza, Splitwise and Xloudia

As yet another week of API profiling comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the APIs that caught our attention. This week there were 56 APIs added to our directory and our team picked the ones that stood out the most to them. Read below for more information on each.

Bonanza Bonapitit “Bonanza is an online market place with a social twist. Seller profiles, real time chat and hand picked item lists are some of the ways that the site enables users to interact with one another. I appreciate the site for its unique selection of handmade items and collectables. Functionality such as search and lookup, account management, item editing, and notifications are available via Bonanza’s Bonapitit API.” - Holly

More at out Bonanza Bonapitit profile.

Splitwise“I’ll definitely be downloading Splitwise to my phone and look forward to seeing what developers do with the bill sharing app. What kind of apps will we see engaging with Splitwise to enhance and manipulate the Platform's expense and social data?” - Patrick

More at out Splitwise profile.

Xloudia“Xloudia is an image recognition service for smartphones. The developers seem very focused on making it Function well in real-life conditions such as poor lighting, partial occlusion, clutter, etc. This - along with its speed and the size of its image database - makes it my favorite image recognition API so far.” - Rhea

More at out Xloudia profile.