APIs of the Week: Staff Picks DemocracyMap and Plug.dj

As another week comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the APIs that caught our attention. This week there were 43 APIs added to our directory this week and our team picked the ones that stood out. Read below for more information on each.

DemocracyMap“Do you know who all of your government representatives are? Down to the county or district level? DemocracyMap can tell you. Just input a U.S. location to get all of the representatives at all levels of government for that location.” - Rhea

More at our DemocracyMap profile.

plug.dj“My pick this week is plug.dj, a social music and video discovery service that allows people to enjoy music and video content together in a real-time, socially interactive environment. What caught my attention about this site was the wide variety of unique avatars available, each with their own signature dance moves. The site allows you to earn points in order to unlock new avatars, dance moves, and even special abilities like laser shows and strobe lights. ” - Holly

More at our Plug.dj profile.