APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Groosker, Athletable and Listiamo

As yet another week of API profiling comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the APIs that caught our attention. This week there were 47 APIs added to our directory and our team picked the ones that stood out the most. Read below for more information on each.

GrooskerGroosker aims to makes the online shopping experience even more convenient by making paying for items online as easy as pointing clicking with your mobile phone. Groosker uses QR codes to handle payments, which means no more pesky forms to fill out or credit card information in key in. Groosker offers web developers access to this functionality via a REST API. - Holly

More at our Groosker profile.

AthletableWhat’s better than winning the office ping pong tournament? Having the results of your championship effort posted on the company dashboard. Athletable creates leaderboards and competitive statistics for office sports. The Athletable API lets you add those features to your office apps and websites. Let the quest for interoffice Foosball dominance begin! - Patrick

More at our Athletable profile.

ListiamoListiamo is a list management application that allows not only one person to create lists, but to collaborate on lists with other people and share lists, making the lists searchable. For people that love lists (like me!), this application is really cool. Plus, their API opens up the data for other applications to access the functionality of Listiamo. - Melody

More at out Listiamo profile.

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