APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Guidebox, Animetrics and Chicago Police Department

Here at ProgrammableWeb our team constantly comes across a lot of great APIs. With 45 new APIs being added to our directory last week, many can get lost in the shuffle. Our staff took a moment to highlight the APIs that stood out to them most last week.


"Guidebox is a pretty intense API in that is facilitates the Integration of movies and television into apps on a very user friendly level. Being able to track the newest episodes of your favorite shows, as well as find them across the different paid and unpaid streaming platforms, provides a single point of reference for your entertainment needs." - Charlie

More at our Guidebox profile.

Chicago Police Department CLEARpath

"My pick for the week is the Chicago Police Department's CLEARpath API. This service lets users do everything from sharing their concerns with the department to retrieving crime statistics for a given area or time period. CLEARpath is a great way to connect with the Chicago Police Department and their publicly-available information." - Rhea

More at our CLEARpath profile.

Animetrics Face Recognition

"Animetrics produces a portfolio of 3D facial recognition and facial identity management solutions. The Animetrics Face Recognition API is capable of detecting human faces in pictures by charting 24 possible facial markers. Known faces are enrolled in a private gallery, while an unknown face can be compared against known subjects to find a potential match. The API is capable of recognizing faces in off-centered orientations." - Patrick

More at our Animetrics Face Recognition profile.

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