APIs of the Week: Staff Picks HealthCare.gov, Coderbits and InAppSocial

This week we had 39 new APIs added to our directory and our staff picked their favorites. These include a software developer network, healthcare and health insurance information service and a customer engagement Platform. Read below for more information on each.

Coderbits Profile

"My favorite thing about the Coderbits Profile API is that it supports requests using a user’s username from any one of sixty six possible linked accounts. This means any application that accesses user data from any of the linked services can easily call Coderbits as well." - Patrick

More at our Coderbits Profile profile.


"The Health Insurance Marketplace makes a ton of healthcare and insurance information freely available to developers. With recent changes in U.S. health care laws now coming into effect, I'm sure that enterprising app-makers will be able to create some very useful tools incorporating this information." - Rhea

More at our HealthCare.gov profile.


"The InAppSocial API provides an easy way for developers to integrate social features into their applications. Developers can improve the customer’s experience with using their mobile content and apps by integrating social engagement services. The service can be used to get conversation stats, discover conversation types, list conversations, post conversations, reply to conversations, comment, like, and rate." - Holly

More at our InAppSocial profile.

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