APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Movement Tracking, Online Reputation and Game Distribution

The APIs continue to flow in, this week we had 49 new APIs added to our directory. With so many new APIs, our staff took a moment to bring you what they felt were this week's best.


"As an application, Moves is somewhat different than what is already on the market, as it tracks all types of movements, not just walking or running. As an API, Moves opens up all of this movement data and other data to create new apps and build on additional applications." - Melody

More at our Moves profile.


"Tackling the problem of having to rebuild your reputation every time you enter a new e-commerce marketplace, Repstamp offers a solution in the form of a single online reputation system that can be carried across all e-commerce marketplaces. The Repstamp API surfaces not only information about a user's general reputation score, but also whether buyers and sellers are related on their social networks." - Holly

More at our Repstamp profile.


"itch.io is a great tool for indie game makers who want to sell their games online without having to host a promotional website or game file themselves. Although itch.io takes 10% of the money people pay for the games, I'm sure many would find the cost to be well worth the time and hassle saved on managing a website and transaction Portal of their own." - Rhea

More at our itch.io profile.


"Draft is a collaborative writing tool built around improved version control that is intuitive and flexible. The Draft API allows developers to automate all aspects of the collaborative writing process, including managing document versions and collaborator access. One of the site’s cool features is that the API Documentation can actually be edited using the software, meaning visitors can make any changes to the documentation they’d like. If the changes make sense, Draft can easily merge them into their master copy." - Patrick

More at our Draft profile.

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