APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Pearson, Citrix and Hatebase

This week we had 59 new APIs added to our directory and our staff picked their favorites. Among them include a travel guide publications API, a service that accesses a hate speech repository, a customer service Platform and a museum collection API. Read below for more information on each.

DK Top 10 Travel Guides

"The Pearson Publishing Company is way ahead of the curve in the publishing and book world, providing APIs to many of their collections and publications. They continue to release new APIs, allowing developers to take the collections and publications further in applications. Their latest API opens up their DK Top 10 Travel Guide collection, which should be interesting to watch what developers do with it given all of the travel sites and applications out there right now." - Melody

More at our DK Top 10 Travel Guides profile.


"Hatebase is the kind of tool that highlights the potential for APIs to better understand our world. More than a collection of multilingual hate speech, Hatebase was built to be a tool for data-driven NGOs to contextualize conversation from known conflict zones. Among Hatebase’s critical concepts is the ability of users to associate hate speech with geography. The API can then be used to monitor instances of hate speech in specified regions. Regional hate speech is a widely recognized indicator of elevated risk for genocidal violence." - Patrick

More at our Hatebase profile.

Citrix Online GoToAssist Remote Support

"GoToAssist's ability to provide remote support to any device, even one not in use, looks like it would be very handy for someone providing IT-related assistance. Additionally, the API comes with clear Documentation, which includes examples for each of its methods." - Rhea

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Royal Albert Memorial Museum

"The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) describes itself as the “home to a million thoughts.” With over one million individual objects and specimens from around the world in areas ranging from zoology to fine art, the RAMM seems to be an incubator for curious combinations and plentiful inspiration. The RAMM offers a RESTful API, allowing the reuse of this collection of thoughts in new and interesting ways." - Holly

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