APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Pokelog, Hackpad and Infraprint

Here at ProgrammableWeb our team constantly comes across a lot of great APIs. With 54 new APIs being added to our directory last week, many can get lost in the shuffle. Our staff took a moment to highlight the APIs that stood out to them most last week.


"With the booming mobile and web application economy, Contentful saw a void and filled it: a content management system for applications. While there are many CMS for websites, I haven't come across any for applications. Contentful offers features for application publishers and developers to manage the content of their apps in one place. The API opens up this functionality for Integration with other systems." - Melody

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"This week I thought the HackPad API was pretty remarkable. It provides programmatic access to a collaborative workspace where users are able to view and make changes in real-time. I thought It was a both a progressive service in that it bypasses requiring users to check-in changes, and the APIs functionality extends the service onto other platforms and into other programs." - Charlie

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"Considering that a majority of user-generated passwords are vulnerable to hacking, using a two-factor form of Authentication for an added layer of security in an application makes sense to me as a consumer. Toopher is an online authentication service that simplifies traditionally painful two-factor authentication solutions by using the location awareness of your smartphone to add an additional layer of security to traditional passwords. The Toopher API allows developers to authenticate actions such as logging in, transferring funds, and making purchases without annoying users with tokens and texts. More security minus any additional hassle sounds like a winning combination to me." - Holly

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"Infraprint is a cloud printing and mailing service accessible via a REST API. The cool thing about Infraprint is its scalability: It fulfills enterprise-scale invoicing as easily as it sends a thank you note or birthday card to a customer." - Patrick

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"I'm a big fan of free and flexible services like Pokelog, because they have so many potential uses. Although this simple personal analytics service is still in the alpha phase, I've already created my own account for fun so that I can try tracking various metrics in my life." - Rhea

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