APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Redline13, Machine Linking and Primadesk

This week we had 55 new APIs added to our directory and our staff picked their favorites. Among them include an anti-human trafficking registry, semantic analysis API and a digital content management service. Read below for more information on each.


"This week I think the API that I found the most interesting was the CoinChoose API. The API provides access to a Feed that tracks a huge array of constantly updated statistics on crypto-currencies. Aggregation on this scale in regards to a market this new is really impressive. I'm also a bit of a data junkie, so finding an API with that much information available, easily made it my pick for the week." - Charlie

More at our CoinChoose profile.

RedLine13 Zip Code Distance

"I’ll be curious to follow the Redline13 Zip Code Distance API, because it offers a lot of flexibility in a simple package. In addition to providing the distance between zip codes, the API can list the zip codes in a given city or give geographic data for a zip code. It can also find all zip codes within a specified radius. I definitely see an opportunity for some interesting geo-location applications." - Patrick

More at our Redline 13 Zip Code Distance profile.

The Freedom Registry

"The Freedom Registry is a good API for developers who like to code charitable or consciousness-raising applications. It provides access to a registry of anti-human trafficking efforts around the world through a straightforward REST API." - Rhea

More at our Freedom Registry profile.

Machine Linking

"Machine Linking is a multilingual SaaS Platform for performing semantic analysis of textual documents. Their API offers impressive multilingual support, currently supporting over 30 different languages. Developers can use the API to connect unstructured documents in various languages to resources in the Linked Open Data cloud, such as DBPedia and Freebase." - Holly

More at our Machine Linking profile.


"Where did I upload that photo? How did I message my friend last time? With all of the web and mobile applications out there, it's hard to keep track of where all of your digital content and communications are. Primadesk takes a step to help find your files and messages across multiple applications. The API opens up the dashboard and search functionality of Primadesk for use within other applications." - Melody

More at our Primadesk profile.

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