APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Virtual Currency, Electronic Health Records and Video Sharing

We're seeing an uptick in APIs here with 58 new APIs added to our directory this week. To help you discover some of the best and most interesting APIs, our staff has chosen the ones that caught their eye.


"Ecobee makes WiFi enabled touch screen thermostats and the applications to manage them both from home and remotely. With the ecobee API, 3rd party applications can monitor and manipulate their ecobee thermostat(s). This means applications can change thermostat behavior in response to environmental changes read from an ecobee device." - Patrick

More at our Ecobee profile.


"I thought the Btct API for BTC Trading Corp. was a really cool concept. The service is essentially a virtual exchange for the market emerging around crypto-currencies. Coupling the sites full functionality with with an API and allowing users the ability to create companies, issue shares, and pay out dividends, was really intriguing from a fundamentally economic perspective." - Charlie

More at our Btct profile.


"Traindom is an online Platform that allows anyone to create and market information products by removing the technical barriers typically involved in getting an information marketing business up and running. Bringing to mind some of the video instruction subscription sites that I’m familiar with such as Creativebug, YourGuitarSage and Craftsy, the Traindom API caught my interest this week. The API supports client functions such as activating clients, deleting clients, and changing passwords." - Holly

More at our Traindom profile.

How are you

"Writing about the 'How are you?' API left me envying folks in the UK who are able to use the service freely. It would be very useful to have a single, secure place for storing and sharing patients' important medical information similar to "How are you?" in the US." - Rhea

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"There is no shortage of video sharing applications and platforms. Keek, however, takes video sharing to another level by integrating a very cool feature: not only being able to comment on videos, but to comment and reply to videos by video, instead of text. Could get messy, but sounds interesting! Keek's API opens up data on videos, comments, followers, and more." - Melody

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