APIs of the Week: Staff Picks WhatRunsWhere, Birdback and Iridize

As yet another week of API profiling comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the APIs that caught our attention. This week there were 47 APIs added to our directory and our team picked the ones that stood out the most. Read below for more information on each.

WhatRunsWhereThere are plenty of APIs that can help you launch advertising campaigns, but not all of them can help you gather the intelligence needed to do so successfully. WhatRunsWhere lets users see what other advertisers are doing and what kinds of responses they're getting in order to plan their own strategies. - Rhea

More at our WhatRunsWhere profile.

BirdbackBirdback links credit cards to apps, which are executed at the point of sale. This unleashes a seemingly limitless sphere of possibilities. Send a digital receipt to accounting when a corporate card is used. Or provide real-time targeted ads and rewards based on spending. - Patrick

More at our Birdback profile.

iridizeMy pick this week is Iridize. Iridize offers a handy way to improve the usability of web applications through on-page guidance solutions. By simplifying navigation with overlays, tooltips, and walkthroughs, users become more engaged and overall experience with the app is enhanced. The Iridize JavaScript API allows for the customization and control of iridize guides within a web application. - Holly

More at our Iridize profile.

SmartThingsWith the explosion of "Internet of Things," SmartThings saw a void and filled it. SmartThingsis a Platform that allows users to control physical things such as locks and lights with their smartphone. SmartThings makes it possible to control multiple devices and things with one application. - Melody

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