APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Wit, Lelylan and Lauritz

The APIs keep coming, this week we had 56 new APIs added to our directory. With so many new APIs, our staff took a moment to bring you what they felt were this week’s best.


"The API provides full programmatic access to the site's user functions and allows automation of some features. The site focuses on connecting local users of crypto-currencies so they can trade with each other instead of on an exchange. I think that coupling that service with an API was a great idea." - Charlie

More at our LocalBitcoins profile.


"Lelylan provides numerous REST APIs that allow users to interact with their home and resources in their homes, such as electronic devices. Lelylan APIs allow for automation and interaction with homes and devices from the web. Welcome to the future!" - Melody

More at our Lelylan profile.


"Wit turns natural language into structured data, meaning it can turn your users’ sentences into formatted data your application can act on. The potential here is to free users from having to deal with forms and buttons. The range of possible applications will be limited only by developer creativity and Wit’s ability to accurately dissect organic sentences." - Patrick

More at our Wit profile.


"Lauritz is kind of like eBay's classy European cousin. Even someone without the cash or inclination to buy anything can enjoy browsing the unique art and fine furnishings up for auction." - Rhea

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Nexlogy Nx

"With today’s onslaught of online social media streams, it can be a challenge to keep on top of things and make sense of all the information. The Nexalogy Nx API caught my attention this week with its tools for searching, capturing, and analyzing text from social media data. The API is RESTful, and results are rendered either as JSON, or as widgets that you can embed in your site or interface." - Holly

More at our Nexlogy-nx profile.

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