APISpark Secures $2M Funding to Democratize Web APIs

Restlet, the French startup with a U.S. base in San Francisco, has secured $2 million in investment funding as part of their APISpark product initiative. CEO and Founder Jérôme Louvel spoke with ProgrammableWeb ahead of today's announcement. Hot on the heels of presentations at the recent API Strategy and Conference, Louvel is making sure the new excitement around the APISpark product offering continues to build momentum. "With this funding, we can grow our engineering team in Europe," Louvel said, pointing ProgrammableWeb readers to their hiring page. "The other aspect of the funding is for marketing and being able to engage with developers to build a strong developer experience." Louvel's goal is to democratize web APIs, stating:

"Looking at the Netflix experience, we think that companies of any size will need a new generation of data-driven web sites accessible from multiple devices in a cross-channel way. This requires one specific web API per channel, not counting the multiple versions to maintain in parallel. Clearly, the current DIY approach won't scale to this challenge. "With APISpark, we rethought the whole Web API project life cycle, both from an API provider and an API consumer perspective. Based on our proven Restlet Framework open source foundation, APISpark is the first cloud Platform that enables companies of any size to not only manage but also create and host their web APIs, as well as the underlying data store. We provide a radically faster, better and more cost effective way to deploy web APIs, basically a whole new web API experience."

To help Restlet manage the growth of APISpark, new Board members have been added to help steer the company towards scalable growth. Members include: Bertrand Diard (co-founder of Talend), Reza Malekzadeh (VP of Business at Cumulus Networks), and Matthieu Hug (CEO of RunMyProcess, recently acquired by Fujitsu). "Matthieu has been using our open source Framework to power his workflow-as-a-service product, so it is a great to have him on the Board. We are delighted to benefit from our new Board members experience at growing companies and their great knowledge of the US market," Louvel said. To celebrate the new funding announcement, APISpark is today opening up access to all 1,000 developers who have signed up for the beta release. Previously, developers had been granted access to the API creation platform on a piecemeal basis.

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