APItools Contest Looks for Devs to Make Integration Easier with Middleware

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With APIs continuing to be an increasingly important tool for developers and businesses of all types and sizes, APItools today announced it is accepting submissions for its APItools Middleware Contest to engage developers in making APIs even more awesome and useful. The contest runs from November 3rd through November 30th and will feature $1500 cash and prizes. As an added bonus, the results of the contest will help increase the amount and types of middleware available to be used by developers. You can register at http://apitools.kickoffpages.com/. More information on contest rules, instructions and code of conduct can be found at https://docs.pre.apitools.com/contest/
Contestants are invited to use APItools to submit middleware that can win in three categories including:

  • Absolute Winner - Make Using APIs More Awesome - Prize: $1000 The best middleware based on importance and popularity of problems solved, quality of code, simplicity of solution (elegance?) and creativity.
  • Make API Of Your Choice More Awesome -  Prize: $250 Amazon Gift Card  The best middleware based on importance and popularity of problems solved and quality of code for a specific API
  • Middleware-App Combination Prize: $250 Amazon Gift Card The best original and creative middleware combining two or more APIs that solves a real problem.

One piece of middleware can win in multiple categories.
“Apps increasingly depend on and use APIs, drastically improving software development processes and turnaround times. But every API is different and requires a different approach to Integration,” said Vanessa Ramos, Product Manager at 3scale, the makers of APItools. “APItools is here to make developers’ lives easier when it comes to using APIs. This contest is a ‘shout out’ to everyone who believes APIs are changing the way we develop software and wants to contribute to making it even easier.”

Today’s web and mobile applications depend on a wide range of backend APIs to make them Function, and more APIs and API programs are being made available every day. But integrating with APIs can be tricky. To help developers with this challenge, 3scale offers APItools that allows developers to quickly and easily track and monitor all of an application’s API traffic. It also includes the capability to modify inbound and outbound traffic, and analyze flows. You can also write middleware with APItools to control transactions at different points in the process which is helpful for things like creating alerts, transforming data formats on the fly, avoiding rate limits and authenticating apps.

“As developers depend on more API driven resources for their web and applications, the need to be in tune with the inner workings of an API is increasing,” said API Evangelist Kin Lane. “We don't just need access to the results of an API anymore, we need to understand the composition, performance and overall availability of the web APIs we depend on.”

By helping application developers interact with APIs, 3scale aims to continue removing barriers to API adoption, and help unleash their value. APItools saves developers using APIs valuable time in learning how an API works, allowing them to easily test and debug their app, and provide a simpler way to transform traffic, and use middleware keys and headers. Operations teams benefit from APItools ability to easily monitor their API Endpoint/methods, control all traffic for different apps in one place, and set up tests/alerts for errors.

More information about the contest including how to register, rules, prizes, deadlines, and code of conduct can be found here: https://docs.apitools.com/contest/

About APItools
APItools provides a more effective way to implement internal and external API services. Designed by 3scale, the makers of the leading API management Platform for providers, APItools can be used in both development and production environments to help people consume APIs. APItools visual interface and trace search tool aid in troubleshooting to make testing and debugging API integrations a lot easier. It can also be used to show how apps are used based on what methods of the API are called the most. At production time, APItools offers overall insights and key indicators of all API traffic from one single place. Cloud monitors can be combined with open-source on-premise to make the most of APItools. APItools is currently free and committed to always offer free tiers. Learn more at https://www.apitools.com

About 3scale
3scale provides a comprehensive API infrastructure that helps both API providers to easily package, distribute, manage and monetize APIs, and users of APIs to interact with them in a simple way. 3scale’s API Provider SaaS infrastructure is flexible, secure and web scalable, and enables the distribution of a company's data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/web applications, as well as the ability to easily productize APIs. Since 2009, more than 400 APIs are powered by 3scale. Customers span the Fortune 500, government, academia, and startups including Coldwell Banker, Johnson Controls, SITA, Transport For London (TFL), UC Berkeley, Wine.com among others. For more information visit www.3scale.net

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