APM Terminals Launches Truck Appointment API

APM Terminals, an international Container terminal operating company, has launched the truck appointment API with the hope of improving its supply chain efficiency. At launch, the API will have data for the API terminal in Los Angeles and plans are for data to become available for additional terminals in 2021.

The API connects a customer’s transport management system to APM Terminals’ truck appointment system which allows users to access real-time data in order to manage terminal truck appointments. Currently, tasks such as viewing available time slots; creating, updating, and canceling appointments; and producing a list of appointments, appointment information, and updates for a requested time frame are done manually, often between different systems. The API allows that data to be shared between systems with the goal of reducing manual-entry errors and increasing employee efficiency.

The Truck Appointment API can be used free-of-charge until June 30, 2021. It uses a RESTful architecture with response data formatted in either JSON or XML. Interested developers can review the API documentation for more information.

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