APM Terminals Modernizes Shipping Logistics With APIs

APM Terminals, a company that operates Container terminals across the globe, has announced a new API that will provide its customers with real-time information on container data. The hope is that this agility will allow for better decision making pertaining to shipping logistics.

Logistics companies are tasked with managing a massive amount of data related to cargo status. The management of these pipelines has never been more important than it is right now with COVID-19 imposing myriad new restrictions, while also driving demand for transport of critical medical supplies. Many logistics companies are still relying on phone calls and emails to gain insight into real-time cargo statuses.

With this new API, APM Terminals customers will be able to streamline this process by integrating the data directly into their terminal operating systems. This will allow for data to be transferred instantly and accurately, in contrast to human operators who are prone to error. 

APM Terminals is rolling out API availability based on terminal location and plans to increase the number of terminals included over the next several years. 

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