Apollo Announces Managed Federation

Just a few weeks after Apollo announced the release of Apollo Federation, the company has added managed federation to GraphQL across an organization. Managed federation provides analytics, CI, and collaboration to help teams work efficiency on distributed graphs. Additionally, teams can now leverage a single data graph for the entire organization.

"A data graph brings extraordinary benefits to how fast organizations can build high-quality apps with a rich data-driven experience," Matt DeBergalis, Apollo CTO, commented in a press release. "The challenge is operating this new layer without introducing monolith that creates development chokepoints and central points of failure. That's why we're introducing managed federation; the tooling and infrastructure to implement and manage a data graph that's operated by many different teams working together."

Apollo managed federation empowers teams with the tools needed to operate a federated data graph in a secure manner with minimum overhead. Managed federation operates on top of Apollo OSS federation. It includes federated service checks, managed service deployments and comprehensive graph analytics.

GraphQL continues its expansion in the modern enterprise. Apollo's managed federation aims to streamline further adoption. Teams can implement GraphQL with confidence while relying on Apollo's high availability and round the clock support. Managed federation is available with Team and Enterprise plans.

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