Apollo Launches its GraphQL Platform

Today, Apollo launched the Apollo GraphQL Platform. While Apollo has been a leader in the GraphQL movement through various products and services, the company is calling the GraphQL Platform its "flagship product". The goal of the platform is to create a marketplace of data and data services within any organization utilizing GraphQL.

GraphQL exploded onto the scene in 2015, and it continues to challenge traditional REST and SOAP API architecture for developer attention. Apollo has been a leader in GraphQL services, with a long list of household names as GraphQL using clients (e.g. Audi, Airbnb, Netflix, GitHub, BMW, the New York Times, and many more). With its GraphQL platform, Apollo aims to be the go to source for GraphQL services, and sells itself as the way to "do GraphQL right".

Within the Apollo GraphQL platform, developers can describe data and services needed with GraphQL. Apollo locates the data in the cloud, assembles the data from as many sources as necessary, and delivers to the end user's device. Simultaneously, developers gain exact knowledge of data and services available, and where data and services are deployed.

"Our ultimate goal is to help companies build high-quality apps that deliver the best possible User Experience across all platforms and devices - in other words, to provide the world with a high-quality app for everything," Apollo co-founder and CEO, Geoff Schmidt, commented in a company press release. "Seeing the importance of [GraphQL] technology, we've worked hard and in close collaboration with top digital companies to create Apollo GraphQL Platform and put the power of GraphQL in the hands of every development team."

Apollo's mission is bold. But, GraphQL is by no means slowing down. If Apollo can adequately serve as an internal marketplace for GraphQL-driven companies, they may have a shot at their goal. 

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