An App That Always Remembers A Face: Animetrics Face Recognition API

Animetrics, a leading developer of 2D to 3D face recognition and face creation solutions, provides the Animetrics Face Recognition that can be used to detect human faces in pictures and match them against a set of known or documented faces. This tool is specifically useful for applications for the fashion and online entertainment industries, or for law enforcement or military intelligence where accurate identity resolution is a necessity.

The company prides itself in a technology that achieves outstanding precision in taking 2D images and generating accurate 3D models for verification and identification, addressing a variety of pose and lighting conditions. These models can also be rendered as life-like avatars for even better visualisation.

The Animetrics Face Recognition API follows a basic workflow of detecting one or more known faces in an image, enrolling faces from that same image into a gallery, detecting unknown faces in an image and recognising one face at a time from that same image against previously enrolled faces. All requests to the API are made via standard HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests, and responses are returned in JSON. Developers will need to sign up for an API Key in order to make use of this data, and these developer keys will allow up to 150 API requests per day. Further information is available on the Animetrics website, or developers can contact the company directly at

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