App and Service Personalization with the Personality API

Traitify, formerly Woofound, officially announced the launch of its personality API. The technology combines Big Data and psychology to create observable patterns, which are then used to make predictions for a customers behavior in App. Through an image-based approach, users select whether the image is “Me” or “Not Me,” allowing the decision making process to reveal an individual personality. From this personality, products or services can be specialized to cater to the individual preferences of the individual. In other words, giving the App the ability to cater to someones individual personality.

Current application implementations range from commerce, enterprise and internet to careers, dating, and social. The simple yes-no picture process allows for Traitify to be simple and fast. In addition, results are flexible as the personality assessments can be refined to accommodate different aspects of life. This refinement also means that the level of accuracy attained with Traitify is exceptional, testing higher than traditional assessments.

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Original Article

Traitify (Formerly Woofound) Launches Personality API to Enable True Customer Personalization in Apps