Appbase Aims to Massively Scale Database Spin-Up

In its own words, "Appbase is building a Twilio for databases." Appbase offers a realtime graph database service. The service is accessible via JavaScript libraries and a REST API. Developers can access the API from any web, mobile, or hardware application regardless of Platform. Appbase aims to massively scale database spin-up with a streamlined process from the first user to to the millionth.

Appbase CEO, Siddharth Kothari, first encountered Scaling difficulties at PowerPlay Labs. One such difficulty lies in the fact that most backend/database services are limited in capabilities. Often, such services provide a realtime OR a search-only offering. In turn, developers end up stringing together a series of backend/database services to meet the data needs of Semantic Web apps. Appbase believes the future of of socially aware apps depends on the ability of apps to listen to data changes and the relationships between such data. Appbase provides such capabilities through its easily accessible API.

The Appbase data model constitutes a directed graph. A directed graph model is highly suited for modeling rich realtime apps. Creating multi-user apps is greatly simplified in the graph model as data is synchronized across all connected users. While the API both writes and reads, Appbase's secret sauce lies in its ability to listen for data changes. Listening includes who is reading, what is changing, what response is needed, and more. 

Appbase launched in private beta last month (September 10th). In just over a month, Appbase has already received over 1 million API calls, with a runrate of about 50,000 each day. Over 200 developers have requested access and more than 50 apps have integrated the API. To request early access, visit the    

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