Appboy Launches Android SDK for Mobile CRM Platform: Engage Your Customer

Build any apps lately? Maybe you're a small outfit, or part of a huge enterprise with an entire strategy for brands and apps. But every enterprise needs to answer this question: Who are the people that use your apps--do you know your customer? Appboy specializes in that issue--and in many other aspects of mobile CRM, from getting messages out to users when a bug causes a problem, to integrating social network information for sharing, from customer feedback modules, to push messaging for special deals, and cross promoting with notifications and updates. These tools all focus on one key goal, Appboy says: how do you raise customer engagement? The answer can mean the difference between the success and failure of an app or suite of apps and strategies.

The graphic above is just one part of their approach, building user profiles. Other aspects of what Appboy provides include customer support, customized news Feed, automated messaging and customer segmentation.

According to the press release,  the purpose in launching the Android SDK is to reach the largest segment of the mobile world, bringing what Appboy offers beyond iOS:

"Appboy helps apps developers and brand marketers build stronger relationships with their mobile customers. The Platform features user-level analytics, deep customer segmentation and a suite of automated marketing tools, including messaging (push notifications, in-app messages, email), customer support and social Integration. All app data is collected via Appboy’s SDK, while marketing campaigns are managed on its web dashboard."

In being compatible with 2.2 (Froyo) and higher, the SDK covers 98% of the Android market. This could be just the tool--retention for Android apps apparently trails their iOS equivalents by 50%. Appboy aims to change that. More information is available through the company website.

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