AppBrilliance Launches MoneyMovement SDK

AppBrilliance has launched its Payments/Money Movement SDK for both iOS and Android. AppBrilliance differentiates its mobile payments Platform by running on the edge of networks. In other words, the platform runs directly on a trusted app on an edge device. With payments possible directly within apps, consumers bypass the many middlemen that have historically taken a piece of every payment.

“With our Money Movement SDK, these companies can now offer direct push-payments and real-time transfers to their users, bypassing expensive debit and credit processing and moving funds instantly at a disruptively low cost," Eric Smith, AppBrilliance Founder and CEO, commented in a press release. "Companies that rely on real-time payments can save 200-300% vs. processing the payments over debit or credit rails."

AppBrilliance anticipates endless use case scenarios for its Money Movement SDK. From contactless retail payments and online shopping to reducing difficulty moving money throughout the banking systems and cryptocurrency exchanges, AppBrilliance is a platform that can be leveraged throughout the modern economy.

The SDK delivers full read/write functionality to any financial institution. No Integration is required. No user credentials are every shared. Because the platform lives at the edge, it is infinitely scalable. The model is fully distributed across the mobile devices of users.

AppBrilliance recently showed off the SDK at the SoFin 2020 event. While in-person shows are being canceled due to COVID-19, virtual events continue, and virtual products continue to launch. Visit the AppBrilliance site to request a demo or learn more.

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