Appcelerator Buys Singly: Mobile App Platform sees API Integration as Central to Future Gameplan

Mobile Platform Appcelerator has just acquired API Integration management service, Singly, for an undisclosed amount in a move that is expected to turn heads and raise eyebrows in the mobile enterprise application sector.

Appcelerator lets developers create, deliver and analyze their mobile application portfolios in an open source mobile development environment. It is currently used by around 480,000 mobile developers globally across a range of application ecosystems, and is the preferred mobile application platform for PayPal, eBay, Mitsubishi Electric and others.

Singly is an API integration management service that offers services including an abstraction layer (DataFabric) that connects apps and the data sources of underlying APIs in a way that enables developers to continue feeding data to their applications without having to worry about API updates or changes. Other products include pre-built API integrations and a forthcoming SDK to enable developers to create their own API integrations.

The acquisition of Singly by Appcelerator means their community of developers have easy access to a suite of API integration tools when developing mobile applications on the platform.

Speaking with ProgrammableWeb on the eve of the announcement, Nolan Wright, CTO of Appcelerator explained:

"Singly provides an extensive set of pre-built APIs to popular public services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fitbit and others. Turnkey access to data from these services makes it much easier for developers to create unique mobile experiences. They can focus their energy on delivering value via great apps with great experiences instead of focusing on managing data integrations.

Apps are increasingly using data from multiple data sources. Appcelerator developers will be able to easily create unique mobile experiences by combining data available via Singly's APIs with other data sources, whether it's existing data that resides in the enterprise or general purpose data from a mobile application."

It is expected to take several months for Appcelerator to integrate Singly’s capabilities across their product line, with Singly expected to be phased into Appcelerator’s Titanium open source development environment and into the Appcelerator Platform by early 2014.

The acquisition is expected to cause some ripples amongst the mobile enterprise industry as it bridges application development and API integration services further. It may also advance expectations that those companies with open data sources available to be mined will be able to find ways to monetize their data as an asset in the near future. Mr Wright describes why he thinks the acquisition is a head turner in the industry:

"Appcelerator is focused on delivering the next generation mobile platform for the enterprise. We believe this platform needs to address three key areas: Apps, APIs and Analytics. Singly rounds out our API story. We believe that one of the defining characteristics of mobile is the explosion of data (e.g., social, SaaS, and data generated by the "Internet of Things"). Therefore, success in mobility requires a company to be able to quickly and easily mobilize any data source whether it's inside or outside the enterprise. Most mobile platform providers are only focused on integrating with data inside the enterprise. While this is important, we believe that a platform must address all data regardless of where it resides."

More details of the acquisition are expected to be published on the Appcelerator blog in the coming days.

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