Appcelerator Now Offers Cloud Services and Mobile Web SDK

Appcelerator, a leading cross- Platform development tools company has announced the release of its flagship product, Titanium 2.0 that provides developers with a single platform to develop native, hybrid and mobile web applications along with the release of the Appcelerator Cloud Services, that makes it dead simple for mobile applications to integrate cloud services into their applications.

Mobile applications typically interact with a number of Cloud Services to Fetch and store large amounts of information. This requires that the mobile developers are familiar with some server side Stack and work with the preferred PaaS/IaaS platform to make it a reality. APIs obviously play a large role here in Integration between the mobile client and the server side resources. Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) wants the developer to focus on their client functionality and less on the heavy lifting on the Server side. They are offering now more than a dozen cloud-based mobile features like User Management, Photos, Push Notifications, Ratings/Reviews, Discussion boards and many more. All of these modules are preconfigured and you need to simply use their APIs to configure and interact with them. The best part is that you are not forced to using only Appcelerator client SDKs only. You can choose your preferred client platform and still embed ACS into your mobile application.

If you are an existing Appcelerator Titanium developer, the ACS APIs are baked into Titanium Studio with this new release. However, even if your mobile development platform is not Titanium, Appcelerator offers iOS, Android, JavaScript and REST SDKs, ensuring cloud services can be integrated into mobile apps built with Objective-C, Java or HTML5, as well as any other third-party publishing platform.

There is no denying the rise of the mobile web. While the debate between native vs mobile web continues, there is no denying the fact that depending on the use case, developers will need to provide them. To address that, with Titanium 2.0, Appcelerator has also announced its mobile web SDK release candidate. This will allow developers to continue using a single code base and yet generate not just native and hybrid mobile apps but also mobile web applications. This SDK is planned for general availability in Q2. To celebrate this release, Appcelerator is also encouraging developers to deploy their existing native mobile apps as mobile web applications. For each Titanium mobile web app deployed between now and June 1, the company will randomly choose 5 applications and give away $1,000 to each one of them.

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