AppDirect Launches Series of Marketplace APIs

AppDirect, cloud service marketplace and management Platform, has launched a series of APIs that opens the doors to its entire AppDirect platform. The result of the APIs allows any service provider that desires to open an app marketplace to rely on AppDirect for all of the Back-end heavy lifting, so the marketplace developer can concentrate on a customized Front-end and end User Experience. From sign-on to billing, AppDirect's entire platform can now drive third party marketplaces. AppDirect co-CEO, Daniel Saks, commented:

“At AppDirect, finding innovative ways to sell and distribute applications around the web is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’re so excited about opening the gates to our platform with our new AppDirect Marketplace APIs....We strongly believe that opening platforms with APIs is becoming a preferred strategy in the cloud industry, and we’re proud to help lead the way in creating a standard for the delivery of web-based products.”

AppDirect just brought the new APIs out of Beta, but already has around 1,000 developers signed up. API access to the platform allows developers new channels to market their products and connect with others who could benefit from particular skill sets. Not only do the APIs cut time out of marketplace build times, it expands AppDirect's reach into new markets and opens up new potential customers.

All of the recently released APIs use REST protocol. Currently, AppDirect includes five APIs in its portfolio (i.e. Marketplace Listing API, MyApps API, App Profile Page API, Accounts API, and Analytics API). The set of APIs allows developers to incorporate AppDirect's entire suite of features (i.e. provisioning engine, catalog of more than 150 cloud applications, back-end Billing-as-a-Service engine, jBilling, and marketplace features such as single sign-on (SSO), comparison tools, ratings and reviews, a recommendation engine, and more). For more information, visit the API docs. APIs continue to save time, broaden access, and streamline processes. With AppDirect's expanded API approach, developers can concentrate on their niche skills and specific apps while leveraging a powerful marketplace platform to drive business and presentation. Developers may have found their go to App Store to showcase their portfolio.

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