Appdome SecurePWA Generates Progressive Web Apps with No Coding Required

Appdome, a provider of no-code security solutions for mobile applications, has announced a new service for generating progressive web apps (PWAs) from existing websites and cloud applications. The new offering, SecurePWA, claims to require zero-coding when generating PWAs from any website or cloud property.

Appdome believes that with this new offering, organizations that have already invested in Web and cloud services will be able to quickly and easily convert these assets into PWAs. Tom Tovar, CEO, and Co-Creator of Appdome notes that he believes this has the potential to “dramatically accelerate enterprise mobile strategies.” Tovar also highlighted several advantages provided by PWAs, including persistent mobile app access to digital resources and offline use. When asked how Appdome plans to optimize the data used to generate applications, Tovar told ProgrammableWeb that, "Appdome is using an AI coding engine to automatically build hybrid Android and iOS apps from any website or cloud app."

Given Appdome’s experience with mobile application security, it comes as no surprise that PWAs generated by SecurePWA come out of the box with some pretty advanced security features:

“critical security features include Appdome ONEShield™ (app hardening), local Authentication (with FaceID or TouchID), SiteTRUST™ (Anti-Phishing with App Transport Security (ATS) and Network Security Configuration (NCS)) and Appdome EnterpriseID™ (Secured Credentials and Cross-App ID)”

Appdome SecurePWA is expected to be released to the public on January 31, 2020.

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