Appdome's SecureAPI secures all APIs within a Mobile App

Appdome, a no-code mobile solution Platform, has announced its SecureAPI. SecureAPI is a codeless, client-side solution that secures every API integrated into a mobile app. Most mobile apps are built with countless APIs baked in by default, but the app builder is not always positioned or attuned to the security of those APIs. Appdome aims to secure all APIs so that the app owner doesn't need to.

"The growth of mobile app APIs, API Economy, and open mobile banking initiatives leave developers looking for better ways to secure APIs inside mobile apps," Tom Tovar, Appdome CEO and Co-Creator, commented in a press release. "SecureAPI solves the challenge of mobile client trust, safeguarding the integrity of mobile APIs against hacks and leaks."

Research indicates that unsecured APIs within a mobile app are a common entry point for cyber attacks. Whether its unprotected APIs, API keys, secrets, payloads, or other vulnerability; an API weakness can lead to massive problems for the API users. Because the hack may attack a third-party API, the app user may not even know that a security breach has occurred.

SecureAPI works for both Android and iOS apps. It protects keys, access tokens, secrets, URL's an more. It secures connections and all data pulled from an API by an app. It uses multi-layer security to operate. Security features include Encryption, obfuscation, shielding, TLS enforcement and more. Check out the API site to learn more.

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