AppEngine Adds Cloud Endpoints and Java 7 Support

The App Engine team announced a new release 1.7.5 that is packed with major features that have been previewed over the last year. The focus is squarely on getting the most out of your App Engine applications by doubling the amount of RAM for certain App Engine instance types, making it easier to expose your App Engine functionality to mobile clients, experimental support for new Java 7 language features and a Eclipse plugin update.

Google Cloud Endpoints has been moved out of experimental mode and is now available in limited preview. Cloud Endpoints is a great feature that provides a set of tools and APIs to make it easier for developers to expose their backend applications via an API to a variety of mobile clients like iOS and Android applications. No need to try and roll out your own REST API infrastructure anymore.  A conceptual diagram of the Cloud Endpoints infrastructure is shown below:

If you are looking at using some of the new language features in Java 7, you can opt for experimental Java 7 support in the runtime. In an earlier release, developers were encouraged to try out new Java 7 language features in the development server. Do proceed with caution here since App Engine only allows white listed classes.

The Google Plugin for Eclipse has also been updated in this release to allow App Engine backends that communicate with client-side Android applications via Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Cloud Endpoints. It is easy to see how App Engine is now trying to position itself somewhere between a PaaS and a MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service).

From an infrastructural point of view, the release doubles the amount of RAM available to F4 (Front End) and B4 (Back End) instance types to 1 GB without paying anything extra as part of your fees. One of the key services available in App Engine is the Mail Service and with Bounce Notifications, your application can now get notified if mail delivery failed.

The App Engine team has also released a series of training videos to help you learn more about the Platform. A total of seven videos have been released and even if you are a seasoned pro, it contains material that will help you gain more from the platform. Refer to the JavaGoPython release notes for the full list of 1.7.5 features and bug fixes.

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