AppEngine adds improved Billing and Python Dev Server

Google AppEngine team continues to roll out regularly releases with the latest version 1.7.6 bringing notable enhancements on both Administration and Development features. The feature sees the notable improvements around billing for paid applications and a complete overhaul of the local Dev Server available for Python.

AppEngine 1.7.6 release brings flexibility via which developers can get billed for their paid applications. The new billing system gives the flexibility to developers to do monthly billing or any time of the month, along with options for using debit and credit cards. The migration to the new billing system will be transparent to the developers.

The Python runtime has seen some major enhancements in this release. The local development server for Python is now multi-threaded and provides a more accurate simulation of the production environment. In addition to that, several Python libraries like Django 1.4.2 and webob 1.2.3 are now available.

The Administrative console sees dashboard and error reports being moved over to a new reliable backend over the next few weeks. Full Text Search API stats are now viewable in the Admin console.

In a related news, one of the most popular APIs in our directory, Twilio has announced that it became the first Voice/SMS Platform to be made available for the Google Compute Platform. The Twilio service will be available via Google App Engine.

Refer to the JavaGoPython release notes for the full list of 1.7.6 features and bug fixes.

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