Apperian Launches Enterprise Mobility Platform API

Apperian, mobile application management leader, has launched an API for its enterprise mobility Platform. Both partners and customers can integrate the platform with existing infrastructure and better manage mobile solutions. Apperian hopes that the API will allow its users and partners to expand their mobility strategy in a secure and feature rich fashion.

Apperian CTO, Carlos Montero-Luque, commented:

"By opening up our APIs, we are now enabling enterprises and partners to leverage our capabilities as a true mobility platform....The API is broad, secure and stable and provides partners and companies with more freedom – which is important in a market like mobility management that’s filled with proprietary approaches."

The key to Apperian opening the API to the customer and partner community was to enable users to integrate Apperian functionality with existing infrastructure. Early adopters of the API include AnyPresence, Appcelerator, and IBM. Apperian has bold expectations when its comes to the API. Montero-Luque likened the API strategy to's decision to release

The API gives users automated access to Apperian's EASE web services. With straight forward HTTPS requests, developers can integrate EASE functionality into an existing enterprise mobility solution. Version 1.0 of the API includes a number of interfaces (i.e. applications, users, groups, downloads, push notifications, app inspections, crowdsourcing ideas). For more information, visit the API docs.

Montero-Luque mentioned that the initial API is "only the first step in a larger plan to make every single API in our platform fully open and accessible to third parties." Partners are praising Apperian's decision to open its APIs, and interested parties should keep an eye out for more announcements to come.

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