Apperian Releases Mobile App Management and Security API

Apperian Inc., a mobile application management and security company, has announced the availability of an open API that allows mobile app management and security capabilities to be integrated with existing IT infrastructure and systems. The Apperian API is being offered as part of the Apperian MAM Platform providing programmatic access to platform functionality that can be used to manage and secure mobile applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Apperian provides enterprise-grade security and management solutions for mobile apps and data. The platform works with or without device management and can be used to securely enable application onboarding, inspection, signing, distribution, analytics, and more.

The company has released a set of RESTful APIs that allows current Apperian customers and partners to integrate enterprise mobility management capabilities with existing systems. The API features a number of interfaces including (but not limited to):

  • Applications API - Returns data about native applications (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry) stored in your organization's EASE database.
  • Catalog API - Can be used for user Authentication and mobile device registration, search for apps, and more.
  • Push Notifications API - Send messages to user devices using the OS push notification service.
  • App Inspections API - Can be used to screen an app for vulnerabilities (malware, trojans, etc.) and risky behavior.

"While demand for our full platform continues to grow, there are many enterprise mobility projects pushing the boundaries of their current systems," stated Brian Day, President and CEO at Apperian, in the press release. "By exposing our platform’s functionality via APIs, existing systems and enterprise workflows can leverage our unique features to securely deploy and manage mobile apps in enterprise and extended enterprise settings. In a market filled with proprietary and cumbersome approaches that make it difficult to securely reach every targeted user, we wanted to maximize openness so organizations can truly reach the potential that mobility can deliver in work settings."

The API is available as part of the Apperian MAM Platform and can be used by all current Apperian customers and partners. For more information about the Apperian platform and APIs, visit

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