AppFigures API Makes App Metrics Easier to Cultivate

AppFigures today introduced two resources developers can use to explore how their apps perform across most major app stores. The company debuted an API for public app store data and an App Reviews Engine, both of which provide developers with greater insight thanks to the potential for mining billions of data points.

The Public Data Access API lets developers access app ranks, reviews and ratings across six app stores in a programmatic fashion. The stores are Apple's iOS App Store, iBook Store and Mac App Store; Google Play Store; Amazon Appstore; and Windows Phone Store. Support for the Windows Store is coming soon. Looks like BlackBerry app writers are out of luck for the time being. All developers need to do is enable the API add-on in their free or paid appFigures account. According to appFigures, it has been testing the API for a full year, and it is already integrated in many internal dashboards and marketing systems, such as Geckoboard and Dash.

"Making data more accessible is core to our philosophy," says Ariel Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of appFigures. "Providing affordable access to such valuable data sets at scale will enable data-driven decisions at levels no other Platform can offer."

The API speaks JSON and enables hourly and daily ranks for any of 4 million apps. Data sets can be broken down by country and category. App writers and markets can use historic ranking data to assess their own apps as well as those of their competitors. Developers can use the API for free with their own apps, but checking the performance of competing apps carries a nominal fee.

Beyond culling app rankings, appFigures' App Reviews Engine provides developers with another way to take advantage of the feedback offered within app reviews. The tool includes filters for keywords, ratings, dates and countries, which can be used to seek out bugs or to collect feature suggestions from users.

"There are a lot of reviews on the app store, and while they're a great source of intelligence for developers, they're really hard to access and make sense of," Michaeli says. "With the new engine, we aim to make it dead simple to make sense of reviews with a simple interface and loads of powerful features."

The App Reviews Engine includes a wide range of features. Developers can view reviews from all, some or one country; read reviews in 15 languages; sort between app and book reviews; and apply extensive keyword and data filters. Data collected by the tool can be exported into Excel, CSV or JSON, or even added to RSS feeds for a continual flow of digestible data.

AppFigures says both the API and App Reviews Engine are free to all paying members.

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