Apple Announces iOS 7 Tech Talks in Six Major Cities

When Apple launched its World Wide Developers Conference back in April, the event sold out in minutes, and a lot of people who wanted to go didn’t make it. So Apple reassuringly said it would announce a series of tech talks later in the year. Well, here they are.

The company will be holding talks for iOS 7 developers in six major cities throughout the world, starting in October. The talks are divided into two days for each city. One day will be for app developers and the other day will be for game developers. You can only choose one.

App developer day will focus on the new multitasking APIs, iBeacon, and more. Game developer day will focus on Sprite Kit, OpenGL, Game Controllers, and Game Center.

If you want to attend one of the talks, the deadline to apply is 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Friday September 27. You must be an iOS Developer Program member or an iOS Developer Enterprise member to attend the talks. Apple will randomly select attendees from qualified applicants.

The schedule is as follows:

App Developer Days
- San Francisco: October 8
- New York: October 15
- Tokyo: November 6
- Shanghai: November 12
- Berlin: December 12
- London: December 17

Game Developer Days
- San Francisco: October 9
- New York: October 16
- Tokyo: November 7
- Shanghai: November 13
- Berlin: December 13
- London: December 18

More information along with an agenda is available here. If you are not able to make the event, no worries. Apple says it plans on posting videos of the talks sometime in December.

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