Apple Expands App Store Connect API Functionality

Apple has announced new capabilities that are now available for the App Store Connect APITrack this API. Using the API developers will now be able to better manage app store product pages, update app versions, and monitor performance. 

The announcement of the update included an overview of all the changes:

  • Build and maintain your App Store product page by uploading and managing assets like screenshots, app previews, app description, and more.
  • Create new versions of your app, set up pre-orders, manage phased releases for version updates, and submit your app to App Review.
  • Monitor app performance indicators by downloading power and performance metrics and diagnostics logs.
  • Manage additional resources associated with your developer account, such as unified software signing certificates, multiplatform App IDs, and capabilities.

The full functionality of the API allows for developers to handle app management, review app metadata, set app pricing and availability, access power and performance metrics, access reporting, and more. 

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