The Applicaster Video API: Helping Broadcasters Conquer the Living Room, the Tablet, the Phone, and the World

Are you in the business of selling video content? How will you broadcast it? The Applicaster API aims to help answer that increasingly complex question. Where once it was a matter of getting on a network, now it's an issue of delivering experiences over mobile, synching, caching and live streaming, coping with connectivity issues, and providing an Airplay experience. While details on the API are not publicly available (contact them), in conjunction with an SDK it helps integrate Applicaster into existing applications, and business models.

For all that is new, one thing is old: ratings still count. Big time. Applicaster says it can have a direct impact on ratings, as shown by its work with Canal Panda in Spain, less than three months since the launch of its cross media apps by Canal Panda Spain, there has been an increase of 100% in monthly TV viewer ratings, from 0.3% to 0.6%, and of 200% with daily ratings reaching 0.95%. Canal Panda in Spain is the Kids Pay TV Channel and the latest channel launch of Chello Multicanal, a Chellomedia company and the largest independent TV Channel producer in Spain and Portugal. The subscription-based live streaming, VOD and social TV application, launched by Canal Panda for the iPhone and iPad on 1 April 2012 celebrates Panda’s 1st anniversary on air, and has been highly praised by the Spanish press.

Powered by Applicaster’s technology and services, Canal Panda creates a video playground for children between the ages of four and nine - allowing them to engage and interact with the content, the channel and their friends through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Canal Panda’s rich offering includes live streaming, on-demand video, a synchronized EPG, social media, games and even enables the viewer to create a favorite clips Library of the channel’s best and most entertaining content, that can be viewed even with no Internet connection. The application is offered for only € 1.59 per month, including 15 minutes of free access for the first 6 months.

Applicaster offers developers instant publication, revision of ad and subscription policies, adherence with Apple's strict App store rules, complex business policies (like trial subscriptions and 3rd party ad service Integration) and global delivery (that can be restricted to certain locations if required).

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