Apps for the Environment: Mr. Dev Goes to Washington

The environment is of concern to a lot of us. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched an Apps for Environment contest that gives developers a free reign to design and implement any application that addresses one or more of seven priorities that have been set by the EPA.

The EPA Apps for Environment Challenge requires that your application use the EPA Environmental and Human Health data, is useful to individuals and communities and does addresses atleast one of EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s Seven Priorities, some of which include  improving Air Quality, Safety of Chemicals and Protecting America’s waters. You are free to combine other environment and health data to augment your application.

The deadline for submissions is September 16, followed by a judging and public voting period. The winner will be announced on Oct 31. In addition to the Popular Choice Award, there will be a Winner and Runner up for Best Overall App and Best Student App. The winners will be invited to an event in Washington D.C, where they can demonstrate their application to EPA officials. The applications will also be available on the EPA site for a period of one year, which will really help to promote the application.

The EPA Developer site contains a ton of useful resources for the developer in the form of Data Resources and Data Services that developers can get started with. The Data Sets are the primary ones that you can use in your application.

In case you are looking for ideas, here is an excellent list of ideas that have been submitted for developers to get inspired with.

The contest is open to resident of the United States. Please visit the contest rules page for full details on contest rules, important dates and eligibility.