Apps That Remember: $100,000 Evernote Contest

Popular cloud-stored notes app Evernote recently announced its first contest. Developers can use the Evernote API to build apps that help users remember and track anything using photos and text. The contest is serious, with big prizes: $50,000 to the winner, and $50,000 more in prizes up for grabs.

Evernote described the contest:

Evernote is having its first ever Developer Competition! We're looking for the next great Trunk apps that millions of Evernote users will fall in love with. The most innovative and useful apps will be eligible for great cash prizes and will be showcased at our upcoming Evernote Trunk Conference in August.

The deadline on this one is July 15th, so you've got a bit of time to work on something great. However, with that sort of prize money, the competition will probably be fierce. The prizes for this one are all pure cash.

In addition to prizes, there are a whole bunch of Evernote users waiting for great apps, as TUAW points out:

If you're an Evernote user, you hopefully can look forward to all kinds of ingenious additions to the service and its extended universe, which is what both of these events are of course intended to bring about.

The API itself is rather robust, offering both a Web API and client Integration libraries for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The web API is RESTful, requiring an API Key, and using OAuth 2.0 for Authentication.

You have to sign up to compete, which will give you the API keys you need to get started. After that, build something both new and cool, and submit it by the deadline. We look forward to seeing lots of awesome apps come out of this one. Also, if you're interested, be sure to check out the Evernote Trunk Developer Conference, which is where the winner will be announced.

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