Appy Pie Adds Image Sharing Leaders to API Portfolio

Appy Pie, cloud based mobile apps builder, continues to add to its list of supported APIs. Its latest additions include some of the most prevalent names in image sharing: Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Picassa and Instagram. The image newcomers to the Appy Pie portfolio allow developers to share images in realtime with users.

Abhinav Girdhar, Appy Pie CEO, commented:

“Every day we receive many requests for adding new API’s so it becomes imperative for us to continuously add them to our Platform. This time we have updated our app maker with APIs of Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest, Picassa and Instagram which are widely used image sharing platforms. The addition of APIs is about minimizing development complexity, while still allowing for plenty of extensibility to our frameworks and customization of the application.”

As DIY-everything continues to blossom across the connected world, Appy Pie continues to drive forward the DIY-mobile app builder community. Images represent a critical aspect to many apps and adding the image sharing leaders to the Appy Pie portfolio encompasses a good chunk of the image pools from which developers would desire to pull. Appy Pie has increased its app creation rate to over 5,000 new apps created on the platform per month. The image APIs should only continue to drive that number.

Although programming may be one of the few uniting languages across the globe, many aspiring app developers lack the time or the interest to get into the weeds with the necessary programming tools to build a desired app. Appy Pie can fill gaps when programming skills lack, or completely fill in for the budding entrepreneur with no programming capabilities. Its API toolkit continues to grow; and thus, so does its appeal.

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